Sample House A by DasTri

Base Width:6.0m
Roof Width:7.29m
Base Length:8.0m
Roof Length:9.4m
Heigth:11.91m (3 Floors)
Roof Angle:60.0°

House, complete

House, Parts

In the final distributions you will also get seperate files for the following parts:
  • Ground floor with/without base
  • Base only
  • First Floor (each one, for higher houses)
  • Attic floor with roof
  • Attic with Rafters without Roof
  • Attic without Roof and Rafters
  • Roofplate Left/Right with or without Rafters
  • Roof Ridge
  • Roof Connectors

Similar houses, different scale

In this demo the smaller houses have the same base size, but are otherwise different from the version above.
For the final release we try to make them as similar as possible, but as some features like posts and studs
need to be more sturdy to be printable there will always be minor variances.

Please note!

If you find errors and have problems please contact us at or write into the campaign forum!
The files are provided as is without any guarantee. Personal use only!